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Are you ready? I love you Art Angel. You really are genius to me. I am honored to be a part of your cosmic world filled with a sea of ideas. Watching you as u blast off into orbit keeps me inspired. Thank you!
#VenusFly #FemTheFuture @grimes
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#TidalXVenusfly ::::: streaming exclusively on Tidal Feb 2 :::::: -----------------------
sometimes it feels futile to be making art in this cruel and extreme political climate, but some of the brightest moments of the last few months for me and for a lot of you, i suspect, have come from seeing @janellemonae 's amazing and positive vision of the future, especially when we are being introduced to so many possible dystopian futures.  Thanks to for giving so much time, energy and creativity to this project 👁👁👁 as a director editor, creative director i also feel like is my strongest work, and i can't wait to share w y'all.  thanks @tidal for being amazing patrons of the arts. and @route_eleven !🤘🏻my amazing team! (i know i used amazing twice but i just woke up and my mind is devoid of adjectives rn)

a teaser is available in my next post :) 

Heidi Klum's Halloween party
is one of the hottest tickets in town

Makeup artist Jay Manuel wore an elaborate
Egyptian-themed costume"ANUBIS HEADDRESS"
designed by Chernobyl Show Design

Watch Empire Of The Sun perform
"High And Low" on
"Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

The keyboard players of The Empire of the Sun wore "Golden Helmets" by Chernobyl Show Design.


The lead singer of The Starwalkers, Nicky Jean wears headgears and neck cage by Chernobyl Show Design.


RuPaul's Drag rRace All Stars Season 2

Alyssa Edwards, winner of the challenge "the future of drag" wears Chernobyl Show at RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2.


Michael Strahan Wears Angelina's Maleficent Costume at 2015 Critics' Choice Awards, Jolie Approves! 

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Adweek magazine cover

After Clawing Her Way to the A-List, Kathy Griffin Is Out to Conquer Madison Avenue Make way for Queen Kathy By Tony Case.

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10TEN Magazine

Photographer: WANDER AGUIAR

Models: Sofia Romero @ Shamon Freitas & Marlene Freerksen @ San Diego Model Management

Styling: Michelle La Rue & Priscilla Ramirez

Hair & Make up: Christina Lukens & Paloma Nunez

Photographer Assistant: Andrey Bahia

Designers: Gordana Gehlhausen , Antonella Comatteo, Jake Chernobyl & Rocky Gathercole

Published on: 10TEN Magazine

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Los angeles hacked

50 Genius Halloween Costume Ideas From DTLA's Labyrinth Masquerade.

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Chernobyl Show is mostly known for its sculpture-wearable-art pieces such as armor jackets, corsets, headpieces and accessories. Each piece is mainly made by Rhinestone, Vinyl and Resin. Every piece is carefully crafted and handmade, making them unique and customizable.

Chernobyl Show designs are created for confident, fierce and powerful characters who own theirselves and know how to make an entrance.

Jake Chernobyl invites you to his dark and edgy fantasy world inspired by his childhood Gods and Demons, Kings and Queens, Beasts and Creatures.



Yevgen Ivanov was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, a little port city with a wild mix of nationalities, cultures and architecture.

Yevgen's first contact with Art happened after his mother decided to put him in an Art school at the tender age of 10, due to his hyper active and curious self.
At Odessa Grekov Art School, he studied sketching, drawing, sculpture and the history of classic arts. 

By the age of 14, after 4 years studying arts, Yevgen's mother signed him up onto a Medical College School, fearing an unpromising future as an Artist for her son.
After roughly 5 years studying nursing, the teenager decided to leave home and start a life of his own.

Yevgen worked as a Paramedic for 3 years before started pursuing his career as an Artist. From the age of 21 to 28, Yevgen was heavily involved in the Odessa and Kiev art and nightlife scenes. The artist held art exhibitions in galleries such as Gallery Tears, as well as performing in clubs such as Club 21, Club 69 and Cosmo. 
Not limiting himself to contemporary art, Yevgen took different roles in theater as well as hosting radio shows for Prosto and Nostalgi radios..

In 2003, after 7 years adventuring himself in the art world, Yevgen moved permanently to Kiev and decided to focus on the music video industry, becoming a Director's Assistant at Production Company Kryla.

At the age of 30, 2 years after working at Kryla, by a faith of destiny or simply luck, Yevgen won an American green card. Without hesitation, he moved straight to San Francisco, a city where he happened to know a dear friend from school.
In SF, now as Jake, studying english, modeling and performing in night clubs became part of his new life and routine.
Jake also took a full massage course which allowed him to work and make extra money as he figured things out.

8 years later and a whole new life, Jake and his boyfriend decided to take a new step in their lives and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of a more professional acting and entertainer careers.

After 3 months living in West Hollywood and no success financially, Jake decided to start desiging and creating full looks for his boyfriend, in order to make some money performing as a Drag Queen.
The fellow night life club kids and Drag Queens loved their looks and inquiries started to emerge. As the word spread, production companies and local celebrity stylists started ordering custom pieces as well, in a few months Chernobyl Show was born.



Name *


Q: What is the hourly rate for custom designs?

A: Our rate is $55 per hour, ranging anywhere from a work time of 8-16 hours per day.


Q: What does the hourly rate cover?

A: The hourly rate will include an evaluation, sketch, pattern making, construction, and alterations (if needed). It does not cover the materials and fabrics needed. However, we will work with fabrics and materials provided for by the client free of charge.

Q: Do I need to pay everything up front?

A: No. After an evaluation and an agreement on the price, we will accept a down payment of 50% of the P.O. Once received we will begin production.  


Q: What happens if I want the design fast and for a certain date?

A: This can be factored into the hourly rate  based on the urgency.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase agreement for mass produced work?

A: Yes. The minimum limit is 100 pieces.

Q: Is shipping included?

A: No. Shipping payment will depend on urgency, distance, size and weight.


Q: What if I receive something damaged?

A: You will receive 30% off the original price of the item.

Q: What if I want to return my items?
A: After an evaluation and agreement is decided upon, there will be no refunds.